New release: WinUAE 5.3.0

  • Finnish Amiga mastermind Toni Wilen released another update of his WinUAE emulator:

    WinUAE 5.3.0 | WinUAE Amiga emulator


    New emulated RTG boards

    • CyberVision/BlizzardVision PPC. 2D only, 3D is not implemented. (Permedia 2)
    • GVP EGS 110/24. (INMOS G364)
    • Graffity. (Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428)
    • Merlin, includes support for configurable serial number used by ProBench (Tseng ET4000W32)
    • oMniBus (Tseng ET4000AX or ET4000W32)
    • Rainbow III (INMOS G360)
    • Visiona (INMOS G300)

    All “classic” 1990s RTG boards are now emulated.

    New features/updates

    • Prometheus FireStorm PCI bridge emulation
    • Release raw input devices when GUI is open (except during input Test/Remap) or when debugger window is active. Allows Windows shortcut keys like Win+E to work without need to unfocus the window.
    • Added Misc panel option to disable default on screen keyboard gamepad button 4 mapping.
    • Some uae-configuration (and other similar) debugging logging messages automatically opened the console window. Now only entering debugger will open it.
    • Added “Always on (Fixed only)” sound filter option. This enables A500 fixed filter but never enables “led filter”. (A1200 does not have fixed filter, only “led” filter)
    • Replaced old Windows 2000 compatible Windows clipboard handling with newer, simpler and more reliable method introduced in Vista.
    • Allow also 68020+ CPUs to fetch instruction words from custom chipset space. Only if more compatible is set. If some program really wants to do something weird like execute code located in AGA palette registers 🙂
    • Lightpen/gun cursor in any edge of screen: lightpen/gun not pointing at the screen = position can’t be read by the program.
    • Statefile shortcut keys now select current config file name as a base statefile name (for example, if “test1.uae” config file is loaded, SHIFT+END+0 will save statefile as “test1.uss”. Quickstart mode config still uses original default “default.uss”)
    • Both “SaveImage” (automatically created ext adf when write-enabling non-writable image like ipf) file extension variants are now detected automatically when checking if file exists. Paths panel SaveImage mode option now only affects generated file name when new saveimage is created.
    • Added LDP-1450 laserdisc player OSD font emulation. Fixes laserdisc arcade game Platoon (Nova) previously missing “YOU’RE HIT!!” messages. (All OSD graphics are generated by Amiga except this message!)

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed XT based Bridgeboards non-working floppy drive emulation, broke during 5.1 DraCo updates (wrong density detection)
    • Serial port data receive was unreliable. Loopback serial port mode didn’t work in fast CPU modes.
    • CD32 FMV video image size and positioning was weird in most scaled modes.
    • Exclusive fullscreen and RTG resolution switch (RTG resolution switch to another RTG resolution without switch to native mode and back) didn’t change fullscreen resolution.
    • Some ECS programmed modes (for example SuperPlus) had first visible line blanked.
    • Fixed corruption in some “weird” programmed modes, introduced in 5.0 betas.
    • Some hardware emulated RTG boards had flickering colors during horizontal panning (>8 bit modes only)
    • Fixed ECS Denise superhires mode hires sprite pointer strange odd/even horizontal movement.
    • Fixed pre-KS 1.2 HDF/directory filesystem boot. Broke long time ago.
    • Multi-monitor active state was not fully reset when system was hard reset. (Multimonitor window was open -> hard reset -> window didn’t open anymore again)
    • If x86 bridgeboard SVGA and also other hardware emulated RTG board was active and END+F9 was used to switch monitors: both monitors’ output was drawn in same window, causing corrupted graphics and possibly also crash if monitor sizes were too different.
    • It was not possible to write and read ECS/AGA genlock transparency bit in color registers. Was broken long time ago.
    • Delay ALG LDP seek complete status reply slightly. Fixes laserdisc arcade game Platoon (Nova) few second hangs.
    • Los Justicieros (Zorton Brothers) laserdisc arcade game left holster hooked up correctly. (Was stuck active previously)

    The Amiga (500) was one of the very first systems I played with when I discovered the wonderful world of emulation, so WinUAE and WinFellow will have a special place in my heart forever.

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